Winter in the Giant mountains

Best tips for excursions in the Giant Mountains

Do you know anything more beautiful than mountains? If you're visiting the Giant Mountains for the first time or you want to discover new places, have a look at our tips for excursions in Pec. Besides beautiful mountain panoramas, stunning views and entertaining hikes, we can recommend a good mountain lodge, where you can have a tasty mountain meal, because good food is as important as quality equipment when visiting the mountains.

You'll fall in love with Pec pod Sněžkou

Pec pod Sněžkou is a popular mountain town swarming with mountaineers, sports enthusiasts and tourists during high season. There is a good reason for its popularity. You'll be enchanted by the town's charming atmosphere and you'll appreciate SkiResort Černá Hora – Pec with its ski slopes and snowparks. Both experienced riders and beginners can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in Pec. The most attractive spots are, however, found at the very top, where you can get on our Alpine skis or snowbikes.

Visit the mountains with our equipment

Alpine touring skis

Alpine touring skis have won the hearts of many mountaineers and skiing enthusiasts. If you've never used alpine touring skis, it's high time you lost your inhibitions and went ski touring in the Giant Mountains. All alpine touring and avalanche-safety equipment can be rented in our ski rental. We can also recommend experienced tour guides. The most popular ski touring trails in Pec lead through the Obří důl and Modrý důl valleys.

Mountain lodges in Pec


Jelení louky

Děčínská bouda - enjoy a beautiful view of Studniční hora from Děčínská bouda in Růžohorky, where you can get warm by the tiled stove and try the famous local soup, kyselo. Besides mountain snacks such as crackling bread, we recommend delicious blueberry dumplings. You can reach the lodge on a bike or alpine touring skis. The ski touring trail goes through Velká Úpa.

Lyžařská bouda - take a break on you way from Liščí hora and stop in Lyžařská bouda to get some refreshments and enjoy hearty Czech cuisine. Replenish your energy by ordering traditional dishes such as sour cream sauce or duck. Peace and quiet and unspoilt nature are balm to the soul.

Výrovka - visiting Výrovka when you are in the Giant Mountains is a must. This lodge has a long history, which gave it its name and also its mascot - a horned owl. To get to know the story, you must visit the place yourself. The trip to Výrovka through Čertovy schody is great in both winter and summer. You can get there on an e-bike, snowbike and alpine touring skis.

Na Rozcestí - a small lodge by a crossroads. The trail from Pec to Výrovka is accessible in both summer and winter. What is so special about this place and what do you need to try here? Their Krkonošská Borůvka, a special blueberry liqueur that gets you warm.